The Transformers Components dry-well fuseholder provides a method of placing dead front type current limiting fuses within the transformer or other electrical apparatus filled with transformer oil.


Submersible Non-Loadbreak

Bolt on Tank


Standard Non-Loadbreak

150 BIL


Standard Non-Loadbreak


Submersible Non-Loadbreak Weld

1.2 kV Class, 30kV BIL Polemount Low Voltage Bushing

The trend towards higher system voltage, increased load density, and larger substations has caused higher fault current potentials on the distribution system and the need to interrupt those higher currents when a fault exists. Current-limiting fusing provides both a high interrupting current rating and limits the peak value of current and the amount of energy to within acceptable levels for protection of the transformer.


Improved Design


Housing – The  dry-well  housing  consists  of  filament-wound  glass  tubing  with  a  resin-rich  outer. This outer surface serves as the barrier against oil permeation through the tubing wall.  


Dry-well fuseholder location – In padmounted transformer applications, the dry-well fuseholder is mounted on the transformer front plate, below the oil level. Because the current-limiting fuses that these fuse-holders are designed to accept will not function properly if exposed to transformer oil, the interior of the fuseholder must remain oil tight.


ECI manufactures two types of dry well fuse holders:

  • Non-load break for use with both single and three phase padmount applications.
  • Non-load break for use with both single and three phase submersible applications.
Non-Load Break Fuseholders for padmounted transformer applications are available at 8.3, 15.2, and 21.1 kV (125 kV BIL), both standard and submersible construction.  The 21.1 kV (150 kV BIL) rating is available in standard construction only. The applicable device ratings are listed in the Dry Well Fuse Holder Catalog. For those applications where an interlocked load break switch is not used in conjunction with the non-load break fuseholder, an important feature of the non-load break fuseholder is an integral warning nameplate to warn against operation while energized, and safety support that must be moved to gain access to the fuse.  This optional warning nameplate assembly is available from ERMCO Components, Inc. Fuse not included. For more information on this product, contact your ECI representative or call 877-267-1855.

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