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We're looking for THE BEST PEOPLE for our dedicated team. ERMCO offers top-of-the-line pay and benefits and job security with a company rich in history and alive with opportunity. Help us write our legacy, and we'll help you write yours.

Our People Are Our Most Valuable Assets

Are you looking for more information about our Application & Interview Process or our generous Employees Benefits & Incentives?

Applications can be completed online. To view job openings and complete an application visit here.


For accommodation needs or requests, please contact our HR team at 731-288-4200 or email us at [email protected].


You may also contact us via Facebook or LinkedIn.


ERMCO is an E-Verify Participant


Our interview process begins with a phone interview followed by an in-person interview where the applicant meets with the department supervisor for a tour of the department. During this tour, the supervisor describes specific job duties and responsibilities.


(Applicants scheduled for in-person interviews are required to dress in long pants and closed-toe shoes. Steel toe shoes are required for applicants interviewing/testing for welding positions.)



New Hire Orientation is a 3.5-hour process scheduled for early morning. During this time, our HR team will discuss pertinent information in the Employee Handbook, including Employees Benefits & Policies and Health/Safety Rules & Regulations. Please remember to bring the following items to orientation:

  • Photo ID to prove eligibility to work.
  • Spouse and dependent information such as birth dates and social security numbers to complete benefit forms.
  • Direct Deposit information. (ERMCO requires that all employees enroll in direct deposit).


ERMCO’s intent is to keep all team members safe, healthy, and productive. ‘Safety First’ in the workplace begins on the first day you become a team member within the company.



ERMCO’s goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.  General Facility Safety Rules have been developed to address potential unsafe hazards and unsafe conditions. This is to protect our most valuable asset, our team members! It is the responsibility of ERMCO to provide a safe work environment and it is the responsibility of each employee to work safe, follow the established safety rules, and to report any unsafe acts/conditions including close call/near miss incidents.   


Safety Policy:

ERMCO is committed to safeguarding employees from the potential hazards of our operations; providing safe products to our customers; and complying with all applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances.  We strive for the highest level of safety performance.


Safety Rules:

  • Always wear prescribed PPE including hearing protection, gloves, safety glasses, sleeves, etc. in designated work areas.
  • Safety shoes and safety glasses are required in ALL production/manufacturing areas.
  • PPE must be worn correctly.


Individual departments have safety rules specific to the hazards associated within the specific work area and are addressed in separate guidelines as well as specific workplace safety programs.

ERMCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ERMCO is a covered employer under the Family Medical Leave Act. Please review the attached posting for information regarding your rights and responsibilities under the FMLA.


E-Verify Participant & Posters

Safety toe shoes and safety glasses must always be worn in plant production areas by employees. In addition, ERMCO provided uniform shirts, employee-purchased ERMCO shirts, or an ERMCO ID badge must be worn during any working hours.


If working around rotating equipment, shirttails must be tucked in. No loose, baggy, or sagging clothing. No sleeveless shirts of any type, such as tank tops, muscle shirts, or cut-out sleeves. No torn, ripped, or clothing with holes exposing the skin is permitted. Any kinds of shorts, capris, leggings, or sweatpants are not allowed.


Long hair (longer than shoulder length) should be pulled back or controlled with a hairnet in all production areas. In addition, long beards should be maintained with a beard net when working around rotating equipment.



  • No rings, no earrings, or facial rings with a loop or dangling that could pose a safety hazard.
  • Necklaces cannot be worn loose around the neck or in a manner where they could get caught in equipment or machinery. If worn, they must always be tucked inside the shirt.
  • Watches cannot be worn while operating rotating equipment (refer to department-specific rules).
  • Medical alert bracelets may be worn but must be worn so as not to pose a safety hazard.


Please remember and follow these policies. They are in place to ensure your safety when working in production areas and around rotating equipment. 

ERMCO offers each team member a well-rounded program of insurance protection which includes life, hospitalization, surgical, disability income, maternity benefits, and benefits for injuries or illnesses not connected with work. ERMCO makes it possible for team members to extend certain coverage to their eligible dependents as well.


The premium cost to each team member is made available at a substantial savings due to the overall group insurance policy and rates.

ERMCO currently pays 92% of individual team member premiums and 85% of family premiums so the cost to the team member for insurance coverage is considerably lower than the cost when obtained elsewhere for the the same type of coverage. 

ERMCO provides you with two important ways to accumulate financial resources for the future. Our Retirement Savings Pension plan is a defined benefit pension that the company contributes to 100%, and the plan remains fully funded year over year. You can also participate in our 401(k) plan, which provides an additional 2% of matching, provided you contribute just 1% of your eligible earnings.

We believe it is crucial to provide you with time off for relaxation, recreation, or to attend to other personal needs. Therefore, we provide time off for holidays, vacations, sicknesses, and particular time allowances such as bereavement and jury duty. ERMCO also offers several other paid and unpaid leaves of absence, such as disability leave, military leave, family/medical leave, and personal leave.


The ERMCO Health Plan provides you with a vast network of providers, very affordable co-pays, and low premiums. We also offer Flexible Spending Accounts to set aside pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, full-time employees can enroll in the program with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.


We offer a comprehensive dental plan with a choice of two options. Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the program with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.


Whether you need an eye exam or laser vision correction, the Vision Care Plan offers you an array of covered services and eye care products. Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the plan with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.

You are eligible to participate in the Dependent Care Reimbursement Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan. Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the plan during each open enrollment.

Take courses, earn a degree, and advance your career. ERMCO makes it easy with our tuition reimbursement plan. With your manager’s approval, the program reimburses you 50% of the cost for undergraduate and graduate courses, technical training, and more. You’re eligible for the plan once you’ve been a full-time ERMCO employee for at least six months.

Short-term disability insurance is invaluable if you become sick or disabled and can’t work for a short period. Full-time employees are eligible immediately upon their date of hire.

Long-term disability insurance is invaluable if you become sick or disabled and can’t work for an extended period. Full-time employees are eligible immediately upon their hire date, and benefits are payable after six months of continuous disability.

We believe in recognizing and appreciating each other for the energy, effort, pride, and passion we bring to work every day. Our new employee recognition program, Awardco, is currently in the implementation phase and will be active in December 2021. It is just one of the multiple ways we accomplish this. Through Awardco, you will have the opportunity to receive points redeemable for thousands of awards of your choosing. You can also exchange positive feedback with your peers and receive recognition from your team lead.

Life insurance can be an essential component of your financial plan-especially if someone relies on you financially. The ERMCO Company paid Life Insurance Plan provides eligible employees with two x’s annual base salary. Employees are eligible to enroll in the plan with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.

ERMCO’s AD&D Plan provides coverage for accidents resulting in death or dismemberment equaling up to four x’s annual base salary. Employees are eligible to enroll in the plan with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.

ERMCO offers additional life insurance coverage (up to five x’s base annual salary) at group rates for all employees, spouses, and dependent children. Employees are eligible to enroll in the plan with benefits beginning on their first day of employment.

We are excited to announce that ERMCO has partnered with Marathon Health andhas opened an ERMCO MEDICAL CLINIC. The clinic is for our ERMCO team members and dependents enrolled in either Cigna medical plan.  

You and your dependents will have access to high-quality medical care offers primary care for:

  • Acute injuries
  • Common illnesses (i.e., cold, flu, strep)
  • Blood test/lab work
  • Health & Wellness coaching
  • Chronic condition management (i.e., blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Routine Physicals
  • Wellness check-ups
  • Sports physicals for school-aged dependents
  • Wellness Services (i.e., biometric screens, tobacco cessation, diabetes management)

ERMCO’s Medical Clinic is conveniently located for easy access from all facilities.

The clinic is only for our ERMCO team and dependents; no one else will have access to the clinic to keep wait times at a minimum.

There is NO CHARGE for the ERMCO medical clinic visits, and your insurance will not be charged. Again, you MUST be enrolled in a medical plan to use the clinic.


This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.


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